What is it about renovations that you love so much?

I love renovations, the creative process of changing a space, manipulating the layout, the finishes, taking something that is ugly and unusable, and molding it to something fresh, beautiful, and totally functional.  Renovations can be life-changing experiences for clients, completely improving the way that they not only feel in their homes, but how they function day to day.  What is different about renovations compared to a “new build” is that you have to work around the constraints that the building provides for you.  I love how the constraints force creative solutions that would not have been imagined if the canvas was completely blank and the challenges unique to the building were not present.  Lastly, renovations pose the ultimate before and after results!

Why do you do interior design?

I do interior design because it combines so many elements that I love and that are my passion.  Real estate, homes, making things look beautiful, creating, and problem solving in ways that improve peoples lives.  This is why I do interior design.  I’m good at all of these things which makes me feel excited every day about what I do.

What lead you to the Interior Design Profession?

I have always had a deep-rooted passion for design and art.  However, during my younger years it always took a back seat to my other passion, athletics.   Growing up, I was a highly competitive athlete, which lead me to the NCAA division I University of North Texas as a dual sport athlete.  While I was younger and so focused and dedicated to honing in on my athletic talent, I always dabbled in art and design. I took the elective Art four years in high school and two years in junior high.  I was part of the “Art Club”, and on my limited free time I was always “creating” something, whether it was sewing, painting, rearranging my room, re-purposing furniture, or amateur photography.  I always had an artistic outlet in my life.  It wasn’t until I was in college when my deep-rooted passion for design and art began to surface and command to be noticed as much as my athletic career had.  I had a life altering experience, when I realized that the path I was on as a Kinesiology major was not my chosen destination.  After three days in Anatomy I realized I needed to find another major, one I could be passionate about, and that was definitely not bones and science!  So I scoured the syllabus and landed on the only major that I felt was a good fit, Interior Design….. And boy was I right on,  I took to my design courses like a well trained athlete takes to a field, with fierce devotion, and intensity.  I absorbed and loved every minute of my design classes and was so excited that I was being trained in a profession that I knew I would love and excel at.  So although unconventional, and perhaps not such a romantic story, that is what lead me into the interior design profession!  And I am so glad it did, because I absolutely love what I do!

You are a licensed interior designer, which means that you have passed the NCIDQ exam, what exactly does that mean?

All NCIDQ Certified Designers have been educated, trained and examined to protect public health, safety and welfare. When you hire an NCIDQ Certified Designer, you hire a professional with proven knowledge, experience and proficiency in the interior design principles of protecting the public health, safety and welfare.

CIDQ is composed of U.S. and Canadian regulatory boards—and we take our responsibility to protect the public seriously. NCIDQ Certified Designers have completed a minimum of six years of specialized education and experience and passed a rigorous, two-day exam based on CIDQ’s independent, comprehensive analysis of the profession and the daily practice of interior designers in a range of settings.

The NCIDQ Certification meets the interior design profession’s legal and regulatory standards established by over half of the U.S. states and Canadian provinces. That makes the NCIDQ Certification the highest qualification in the industry.

Source:  http://www.ncidqexam.org/about-ncidq/hire-ncidq-certificate-holder/


kim's bio

Award-winning interior designer Kim Armstrong is recognized for her colorfully eclectic spaces and thoughtfully designed renovations. Her thirst and drive for excellence stems from deep rooted family values and a life long career as a competitive athlete. Kim’s strong sense of intuition guides her to create the perfect interior design solutions for her clients primarily focused in Highland Park, Preston Hollow or older East Dallas neighborhoods. She has also worked on projects all over the great state of Texas and designed second homes across state lines.


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