Full Service Design

A full service design is turnkey service from project concept to the placement of the last accessory.  My goal is to make your home comfortable and reflective of your family, while being worthy to grace the cover of a design magazine. With a full service design, you help me understand your wants and needs and then sit back and enjoy the transformation.  I oversee all vendors and workrooms and manage contractors to make sure the design is executed to the highest quality.

I am a boutique designer, which means my hands are always on your project. I only start a project when I can devote the time needed to make it amazing. I shine at finding unique pieces that I either design myself or hunt down through contacts I’ve developed in my 15 years as a designer. I truly enjoy the process and nothing makes me happier then having a client love their home.

Each project has an individual scope of work and varying needs so pricing is custom and is charged at a flat rate. This means no surprises at the end of a project.

A full service design includes:


We'll meet to discuss your design style, your wants and needs and review any inspirational photos you’ve gathered.


You receive a contract with an outline of the design consultation and procurement fees as well as details that pertain to your project. We'll also discuss your full budget and make sure we're all on the same page.


The design process begins! CAD drawings, vision boards and samples all take a part in making sure you approve the design and love the end product.


My favorite day - Installation Day! Everything arrives at once and is installed into your home. Art and window treatments are hung, accessories are placed and when I walk away, your home is transformed into the room you’ve been dreaming of.

Inbox Design

Inbox Design differs from full service in a few ways:

  • You complete the procurement, oversight and execution of your project.
  • The number of one of a kind or custom pieces are reduced in favor of “retail ready” pieces that make it easy for you to procure on your own.
  • Only one set of revisions is included.

Inbox Interiors run between $3,000-$4,500 per room. Prices are based on the scope of the work and are priced at a flat rate so you know the exact amount for your design. The approximate turn around time from your initial visit to receiving your design is between 2 and 3 weeks for one room and increases with additional rooms. This is a great way to get a professionally designed room on a reduced budget.


Meet to discuss your desires, inspirations and budget for the room(s).


A design and vision board are created and presented for your review.


You receive an email with the design plan and attachments including all links, notes and product information needed for you to execute your project.

See completed Inbox Design Projects Here!

Renovation and Construction

I love renovations. The creative process of manipulating an unattractive, unusable space and molding it to something fresh and beautiful is a passion of mine.

Renovations can be life-changing experiences for clients, completely improving the way they feel in their homes and how they function day to day. What is different about renovations compared to a “new build” is that you have to work around the constraints that the building provides for you. I love how these constraints force creative solutions that wouldn’t be imagined if the canvas was completely blank and the challenges unique to the building were not present. Plus, renovations pose the ultimate before and after results!

If you are considering a renovation, the earlier you get a designer involved, the better. Working with a designer means that the details, which are so important to the function of your home, are addressed. Cabinet design, electrical plans even where to place your light switches are all part of my expertise and ensure your home functions in the most useful and beautiful manner. Including a designer in your initial discussions with contractors helps ensure you will get the space you are dreaming of.